Take Hold Of Your Miracle

There are things that God is doing that we might not know of. God is doing a whole lot in the background without us being aware of it. Something is happening that you do not know of but you are so caught up in your depression and your worry it actually passed you by. Stop trying to help God, when you try to help God you end up making a mess. 

(Joshua 1:5) (Joshua 3:2)

When we want God to move within our lives let the Holy Spirit take full control. It’s only the Holy Spirit that can take us into our destinies and take us where we need to be.  The Children of Israel had arrived to the Jordan River at the time the river had been in a flood. The only thing that was standing between them and their promise was the Jordan River. The Children of Israel were not ready to pass. If you are looking at a flooded River Jordan, you have to be ready to cross. Do not disqualify yourself from God blessing you. God qualifies those He has chosen. It is miracle season do not disqualify yourself. God is not asking you to do anything else, but the Lord is saying “Be Strong and of good courage.” Do not be afraid of the flooded river that is ahead of you but be strong no matter what. Why are you not being successful and what are you doing wrong. Do not lose hope in the Lord.

 In 3 days, Joshua had to prepare himself to pass the flood. This might be the same for you God might bless you within a matter of 24hrs. You have to let go of some things that will hinder God from blessing you. God wants to release things for you before it’s time, but are you ready to receive it. It’s one thing to pray for something but it is another to be able to take care of it. Sometimes we are asking God for things that we are not yet prepared for. The Lord is saying things will no longer be moving in the same direction. God wants us to understand that there is change that needs to come. The Jordan River was no ordinary river. There is something that we need to understand about it. The Jordan River is where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. After Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River, He went on to do His first miracle. Some of us need to cross the Jordan River to get to our promises. You will not get anything staying where you are and sitting in the same place. This is a time where you cannot stay where you are. You need to do what you need to do, so that God can do what He needs to do. Your miracle is not something ordinary; you have not been this way before. Go after the presence of God, then you will be successful. Joshua told the people to consecrate themselves so the Lord could do wonderful things within 24hrs. We should consecrate ourselves for the Lord to do wonders in our lives. God is going to do things that will exalt you in the eyes of your friends, family and companions for He will be with you.

Do not be afraid because the presence of the Lord is going before you into the Jordan River. As you carry the presence of God and step into destiny, the Lord will go before you. You have been facing some serious floods, but it has not stopped your harvest. You must take action towards the river. God will do the parting of the water once you put your feet first. The Priests who carried the Ark of the Covenant stood firm as they stood on the presence of the Lord. Take hold of your miracle.

(Deuteronomy 23:14

For the Lord moves about us to protect us and deliver us from our enemies. Consecrations come from separating ourselves. When God says I want you to be consecrated, it is for you to see a miracle in your life. Get rid of that which is not holy. Consecration is holiness. We cannot have it both ways. We cannot get the miracles and pass the river Jordan without consecrating ourselves. 

7 Things God is expecting from us this season.

1. Consecrate yourselves: God desires holiness. Do not trade in your blessings for a plate of porridge. Do not be an Esau. Do not trade in your blessings for 5 minutes of pleasure.

2. Stand in the River:  When you reach the edge of the Jordan River, go in and stand.  (John 7:37-38) what you want to trade in for God’s blessings, please do not do it. There are certain things that are going to stop when you go into your fullness. Do not sleep but stand so that the Jordan River can open up for you. You need to begin to stand so God can display His power upon you. When God has a blessing with your name written on it, no man can touch it. God is moving you towards your blessings. Where ever you’re crossing, stand there.

3. Follow the Lord’s Presence: Do not follow your flesh, follow God’s presence. God only wants good things for you. God is making you uncomfortable in a place that you are not supposed to be in.

4. Trust God’s word: The Priests were told to put their feet in the water and they trusted God’s Word. When God says something, believe and trust whatever word He says.

5. Step out in Faith: Even when you are doubting, step out in faith. If you will believe stepping out in faith will open the River of Jordan for you. Step out in faith because when you do that, God will honour you. Step out in faith not only regarding wealth, but also in your lives and in your spiritual life too. All that we have to do and understand is that we must step out in faith. 

6. Cross over to the promise: God is not going take you far from your promise. God is not a God of confusion. That which God has promised you, you shall have no problem in understanding. (Hebrews 12:1-3) We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses. Let us throw off everything that hinders us and the sin that so easily entangles. 

7. Stand firm: that which God has said about you stand firm. God has said you are going to buy a house, a car and travel, stand firm. Whatever God has said about you, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. (Ephesians 6:10)


The Power of the Altar

As a Christian, what is an altar to you? In the Hebrew language it means, "a place of surrender." This is where you lay down all your problems and God divinely empowers you and sorts out issues occuring in your life. The altar is a place of exchange and sacrifice not to be taken lightly whereas you play spiritual gymnastics. After you have placed all your worries things should not remain the same!

Altars were made of stones that were unbreakable. So the question stands, what altar are you bowing down to? Are you bowing down to idols? When you bow and surrender to God, you are telling Him that you have full confidence in Him, not questioning His ability to remove the problems you face. Allow God to change your circumstances without interfering. Don't ever think that God doesn't answer your prayers because you don't receive instant responses, your prayers are like incense to the Lord. There is an altar in heaven where all your prayers are collected and your tears gathered. Angels await on your prayers and for you to cry out to God. Always remember that the altar is also God's altar ans the minute you build an altar you establish an opening of the reality of heaven to come on the earth. The measure of influence increases according to the consecration of the one who submits to the one who you worship. Hence why it is important you know what or who you are bowing down to. Is it your worries, anxieties and lack or is it God? Genesis 12:6-9
Whatever it is that is happening in your life must not stop your prophesies from manifesting. Do not worry about the enemies and the things that are bothering you. Abram built an altar in the midst of his enemies and in the midst of all his problems. Every time he made a move, he made an altar. Not only did he build an altar, he cried on the name of the Lord! A perfect example of what we should do. Genesis 12:8
Altars are a memorial of the times when God meets with us, a memorial of the greatness of God in our lives, places that you go back to, time and time again. Your altar must always be a place of encounter and where you have a spirit of expectancy. Genesis 12:1-14
God says He will not leave until all His promises are made to pass so when God makes you a promise, He will not leave you until it comes true. He is no man's debtor! You need to speak the Word of God into every situation. The altar is a place of forgiveness, a place of worship. The spirit of tiredness should stop! You have energy to do everything else but when you come to the presence of the Lord you feel tired, you have to change the way you treat the Lord. For how long is God going to put up with your behaviour? The altar is a place of covenants. Do not be afraid to remind God of all the things He has promised you. The relationship between you and God is personal, so do not bow down at someone else's altar! 
Joel 1:4 - You must arise in intercession and stand before the Lord in prayer. Joel 2:12-14 When you are in right standing you can provoke the judgement to fight on your nation's behalf. If you want God to do something, you need to take action. You need to come before the Lord and call upon His name regardless of the situation. The altar is not an ordinary altar! 
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