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Growing In The Glory

Prophetess Virginia Pinto

10 February 2019


God is raising people He will use for His glory. You will be used as a display of His glory. He will seal you with His approval. Walk in obedience and truth, if not He will judge you as e searched the world looking for people like you. He has chosen you giving you splendor and glory, he has raised you.

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Fully Persuaded

Pastor Tinashe Masvanhise

27 January 2019


(Isaiah 14:24-27& 40:5) Whenever there is a promise, you have the right to claim it. However, if the promisor informs you, the promise, to do something, and the promisee fails, there is no obligation for the promisor to perform. This is to say that when God has promised to give you something on condition that you perform His instructions, when you fail to perform those instructions, you arre no longer entitled to that promise.

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