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Fully Persuaded

Pastor Tinashe Masvanhise

27 January 2019


(Isaiah 14:24-27& 40:5) Whenever there is a promise, you have the right to claim it. However, if the promisor informs you, the promise, to do something, and the promisee fails, there is no obligation for the promisor to perform. This is to say that when God has promised to give you something on condition that you perform His instructions, when you fail to perform those instructions, you arre no longer entitled to that promise.

(Romans 4:16) You become before you are. God does not wait for you to see the manifestation of the blessing before He says you are blessed. You need to remind things around you of your promise. The object of our faith is not in our ability or the people around us it should be solely on God. You never look at how weak you may be but you look at how strong God is. Things don’t have to look good for you to have hope. As Christians you can’t live by the quote, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  You should believe it before you see it. Sometimes we get frustrated because you do not know His process. Sometimes when you hear the promise you chuckle at it because you do not believe it 100%. You don’t have to believe it the first time you hear it, there is a process. Do not be in a rush. You are a work in progress, He is working on you (Hebrews 11:11). You must know the promise before you can work it. Listen to your prophetic work, prepare yourself to enter to the glory of God.