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Overcoming in the Promised Land

Pastor Tinashe Masvanhise

20 January 2019


When a situation looks impossible you must realize immediately that God is the God of impossible. If not, you become discouraged; living a mediocre life that is solely governed by the limitations of your vision. So how can you develop a mindset for the impossible? How do we hold on to God and tell Him, “God despite what I see, I trust in you.”

(1Corinthians 2:9-10) God has prepared something that you haven’t even yet conceived in your heart. The older you get the more control you want, however, you can’t control what God wants to do because you don’t know it yet. The Bible says when God gives you a prophecy it is an aspect of what He wants to do, not the full thing or else you would never walk by faith. God wants us to solely walk by faith. He gives us a light in order to keep us moving, to guide and direct us as we traverse the paths of life. You must know who you are in Christ Jesus, that way you will develop the mind God wants you to develop in order to tap onto His anointing.  When you have a relationship with God it is done. You are qualified to receive the fullness of what God wants to do simply because you are His child. The moment Jesus was crucified all your shortcomings were dealt with. You should not let your past play a role in your present. When you tap into God’s wisdom you will excel in all the areas of your lives (Deuteronomy 6).